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Re: New ruger guy

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Having a collection of all the Bisley calibers is a great idea and would make a great display.
I don't collect all the Bisleys only the ones in the Super Blackhawk and .41mag Blackhawk configuration.
I did not know that the Super Blackhawk Bisley Hunter in .41mag. cal. was made in "BLUE" I thought they were only produced in Stainless Steel? Same with the .45 LC.
If you are collecting the Stainless Steel models also there is a .41mag with a 5-1/2" bbl. model #KRBN41W with the engraved cly. also.
I have been told that the Super Bkackhawk Hunter and Bisley Hunter in both the 41 and 45 cal. have a variation. Some are roll marked "Super Blackhawk" and a few others are marked "Blackhawk" only, I have not seen this variation. If you come a crossed the 'Super Blackhawk' marked "Blackhawk" only in 41mag. I would like to know.
Nice to have you with us and post some pictures of your Bislely, we love pictures.

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Re: New ruger guy

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dct454, I sent you a PM. We may have lots to talk about, especially Rugers and meeting other Ruger people.
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Re: New ruger guy

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Ruger collecting.

We do have a lot of fun here.

You mentioned having all 3 calibers of the Super Hunters, in both plow handle & Bisley. Now you need to get more serious & get the rest of the "Hunters."
The .22 will be fairly easy,, but the .17 HMR/.17 Mach II will be a tough one & expensive. (And, no,, mine isn't for sale. :D)

Also, Ron is a great guy! You should follow him down South in a few weeks for the Ruger Forum East Coast Gathering!

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Re: New ruger guy

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Thank you, but stop poking the bear.(can't get the smiles to work) I have the 22, looking for the other two.
I spoke with O M CRAZY last evening after checking the two SBH in 41.The standard grip is mismarked? with only BLACKHAWK. The Bisley grip is marked SUPER BLACKHAWK. It would be interesting to know if this only occurred on the standard grip or both. Same for the 45, Both of my 45s are marked SUPER BLACKHAWK.

Hoping to get together with Ron to talk and shoot.

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Re: New ruger guy

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Welcome from IL!

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