Single Actions for a DA collector

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Single Actions for a DA collector

Post by RoninPA »

Was going through the safe(s) just to see what has become a queen (or odd man out) and I can think about thinning. Then noticed my .357 Magnum Blackhawk "collection" and that got me thinking (dangerous for me to do according to my wife). Here's what I have (all blued, no stainless steel):

1961 6 1/2" OM Flattop Unconverted (s/n 38598)
1969 6 1/2" OM Unconverted
1979 4 5/8" NM
2000 6 1/2" NM

So I guess I need to get:
4 5/8" OM Flattop Unconverted
4 5/8" OM Unconverted
10" OM Flattop Unconverted

SIGH - And I guess the stainless steel models too, but not the convertibles (at this time).

I am still looking for rare/odd Six series and GP100 revolvers but since I a have a fair portion of the .357 Mag Blackhawks, why not try to complete the package :D
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Re: Single Actions for a DA collector

Post by 06dilly »

Love your thinking, Ron! I had to make sure my wife wasn’t in the room when I typed that... 😂

Just picked up a beautiful flatgate this week. The single sixes are still (mostly) affordable right now so don’t neglect those.

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