Mixmaster MKII and MKIII values Part 1

Includes .22 Standard, Mark I, Mark II, Mark III and all Centerfire Semi-Auto Pistols.
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Mixmaster MKII and MKIII values Part 1

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Need some help from the Mark series gurus. I have 2 that I am going to sell once I can determine a good selling price. I'll describe and post the pictures.

1. Stainless steel Mark III frame with an aftermarket trigger, Stainless steel Mark II receiver (s/n 211-283xx) with a blue bolt assy, 6" barrel (yes I physically measured it), target front and rear sights, fancy Ruger laminated grips that I put on.

Both guns shoot fine, only shot about 10 rounds through each to make sure the functioned correctly.

Just don't know where to start the selling price.
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