New Lipsey's 77/22 Hornet African

Includes .44 & 10/22 Carbines; Mini-14, 30 & 6.8; Model 96 & 99/44 Deerfields; M77s; PC 4s & 9s; AC-556; MP9; XGI.
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New Lipsey's 77/22 Hornet African

Post by Ruger8r »

This is just a little bit ridiculous yet cool and I want one. My FFL is on the allocation list but Lipsey's says they don't know when they'll be available. We'll see. ... 22RSB22HOR
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Re: New Lipsey's 77/22 Hornet African

Post by bruce »

First time in a long time I've seen a Hornet that I'd love to buy! Hopefully it will be available soon! Meantime ... got to save nickles, dimes, quarters!!! Sincerely. bruce.
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