American Gunsmith Magazines - Any Interest

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American Gunsmith Magazines - Any Interest

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The American Gunsmith magazine has stopped publication as of the March 2024 issue. I am slowly getting out of the retail gunsmithing business and I have 277 issues I'm looking to let go for cheap.

The issues are Oct 1992 to April 1994 but is missing Oct and Nov 1993 (17 issues) and then August 2001 to March 2024 (260 consecutive issues) Total 277 issues in 8 binders. If someone wants them they can have them for shipping cost + $30. I would ship by UPS due to the weight and probably in 2 or more boxes.

Or, I can deliver them to you at the July 2024 OGCA meeting/show OR the November 2024 Tulsa Show.

If interested or have questions just let me know here by posting and then we'll PM each other to finalize the details.

I will, at a later time, advertise on the Ruger Forum (.com) and maybe a PA gun forum I'm on (by not for a little while to let ROCS forum members see it first)
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