Rock Island Auction 10" .44 flattop

Includes all Pre-1973 Old model Single-Sixes, Blackhawks,
Super Blackhawks, Bearcats, Super Bearcats, Hawkeye
and Black Powder Old Army.
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Rock Island Auction 10" .44 flattop

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Curious if somebody here might have won the bid on the 10" .44 flattop with box and stags at Rock Island.
​Real curious to see a letter on that as 29334, if it letters, would be the first known "cleanup" BKH-40. Up to now, the highest block of 10" .44's ran to about 24060.
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Re: Rock Island Auction 10" .44 flattop

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I had bid on it but unfortunately, did not win that one. I am quite curious about it as well! I did not go away empty though as I won the 61/2" 44 flattop.
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