Ruger Catalog Numbers

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Ruger Catalog Numbers

Post by RoninPA » Sat May 11, 2019 8:02 am

Well, on my quest to get catalog numbers for all the GP100 models I sent a message to the Contact Us on the Ruger site, sent a message to Mr. Killoy from the Ask the CEO on the site and called Ruger yesterday. Had a good conversation with a customer service rep, Tina McKenna (she is in Newport) and she was more than willing to try to help me with her limited resources. I explained who I was and the Ruger collecting groups I belonged to. We discussed why I wanted to do (build a chart that tells someone the catalog number of what they own or to help build a catalog number of a GP100 they would like to find). She does not have access to the catalog numbers per se, but she told me that if I send her the model numbers she could possibly find the catalog numbers, abet it would take her some time to do it. I gave her my contact info and she said she would pass it on and see if anyone could help me out.

Later that day a got an email from her (humorous to me and I think to others here also). Here it is:

Good afternoon Ronald,
I have spoken with the records department and our IT department – I am told the only way we would be able to give you that sort of information is if you had a specific serial #. I have been advised to refer you to: the book - RUGER AND HIS GUNS by RL WILSON and a gentleman by the name of Lee Sundermeier, Founding Member & Editor 419-265-6735

Tina McKenna
Customer Service

My reply:
Thank you very much for your response. I am friends with Lee Sundermeier and I'm also a founding member of the Ruger Owners and Collectors Society so I'm in contact pretty regularly with the people in the Ruger collecting circles.

The RL Wilson book (I have a copy) is not really a current book about the more modern Rugers (like the GP100). That is why I wanted to see if Ruger could help me out with the catalog numbers.

If I may, I will send you another email with a list of the model numbers that I would like to get their catalog numbers. If you or someone else can help me with this I would be very grateful. There is no rush, I realize it will take time and I don't want you to do anything that would take you away from your outstanding service to other Ruger customers who probably need more help with their Rugers than I do on this project.

Again, I really do appreciate all that you have done for me.
Ron Lutz

She really did seem that she would be willing to help me out but I'll probably wait a bit to see what becomes of the other messages I sent. The folks on here and and the forum have been a great help also, sending me info on what they own and the catalog numbers from the boxes. My last count currently shows 31 different GP100 models and I know there are models that were limited/deleted that won't show up without knowledge from within Ruger. I guess that the hunt is the fun.
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Re: Ruger Catalog Numbers

Post by 67stingray » Sat May 11, 2019 12:44 pm

That shows you where the passion and dedication lies, Ruger suggesting contacting members of the Society for information about there firearms. But it also goes to show the respect given to Lee and other members, I myself feel honored to be part of this group and the fine and knowledgeable members here. I just aquired another GP100 it's a GP161, model # 01704 if I'm not mistaken. I do not have the box but it's made in 1989 6" blued full underlug barrel, the sights are fiber optic (pretty sure added by previous owner).
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