Don Findley ROCS Historian

Includes .22 Standard, Mark I, Mark II, Mark III and all Centerfire Semi-Auto Pistols.
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Re: Don Findley ROCS Historian

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Exceptional read. Great to see Old Rugers in the American Rifleman. Great job Mr. Findley.

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Re: Don Findley ROCS Historian

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:!: As always great article about our favorite passion! I remember talking to you a few years back about the items you have got published I believe you said sometimes it is years before the publish it from once you submitted it, Great photos also!
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Re: Don Findley ROCS Historian

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I have enjoyed reading Don's informative and well written articles about Rugers over the years. Another article well done!!!! :)


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Re: Don Findley ROCS Historian

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Look closely at the Ruger envelope that is with the 1951 Ruger catalog and a minty T678 Red Eagle.
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Re: Don Findley ROCS Historian

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If not seen yet in the October issue of the American Rifleman, here's the Great On-line Condensed Read by Don Findley!

Ruger's Chronological Mk History !!


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