2020 FoNRA High Caliber gun

Includes the Six Series, Red Hawks, Super Redhawks, GP100s and SP101s.
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2020 FoNRA High Caliber gun

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I just got the word today,, for the 2020 FoNRA events that were High Caliber events in 2019,, a special gun is available for the 2020 event. The approximate number will be about 600 guns. Of that,, the top 25 events in the country will get one with a slightly different look.
SO,, the "regular ones will be limited to 575 guns.
It will be a Ruger Redhawk, 44 mag, SS, 5.5" bbl. It will have a unique full scroll pattern laser etched on the frame, cylinder, flats & bbl, featuring the NRA Eagle logo, laser engraved on the side grips. Embellishments & finishing hand crafted by Baron Technology.

I have a picture of it,, but can't figure out to get it scanned into my computer, and then switched to a format for a photo,, due to it being a PDF file.
I can email it to anybody interested.

And,, my info didn't know for sure,, but he didn't think it will have a special serial number block. BUT HE WASN"T SURE. It is not mentioned as having a special number.

Interested folks can see about trying to get one by getting ahold of their local FoNRA Field Rep,, inquire about High Caliber events AND the Ruger. They will help you find an event near you. (Your FoNRA Field Rep can be found in your NRA magazines,, or on their website.)

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