RST4 #0660

Includes .22 Standard, Mark I, Mark II, Mark III and all Centerfire Semi-Auto Pistols.
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Re: RST4 #0660

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Rugerologist wrote:
Sun Dec 22, 2019 7:51 pm
...We know that Bill appreciated some of the other manufacturers' guns with features similar to those on 0660...

For now, here are some photos of the 0660 with its sibling 0657. It's the closest that I have in the production sequence. I do find it very interesting to see the two together.
Chuck...Thanks for Sharing these with us!

WOW...Scalloped rear receiver, a thumb-shelf safety/bolt lock release, what appears to be a thumb mag release, deep curved thin-blade trigger, fully checkered wood grips and a custom mag Nambu grip mag bottom...Amazing (did I miss anything)!!! :o

Wouldn't be surprised to discover that both Bill and Alex had input into this "1st Production End Release" Custom Standard Jewel!?! 8-)


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Re: RST4 #0660

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Have you found out who the original owner was? I would be interested in this guy's background.

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Re: RST4 #0660


Did you get the Salt Cod Chuck?
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Re: RST4 #0660

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Ted, it's fun to speculate on! I really hope that one of these wild theories is correct but also won't be holding my breath. This one would probably put me in the looney bin if I stressed too much about the origins. With time, I do think more of the story will come to light.

Don, from what Mr. Whitcomb said when we spoke in person, this one was in the same collection as all the #46 guns.

Gene, still no salt cod box here other than the one Watertender gifted me. I've got 12 candidates in need of the real deal but know that'll never happen. For sure, one or two of these would enjoy being part of a complete package again!
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RST4 #3560 !

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Well, digging deeper into the rabbit hole... :roll:

On the 5th, was out-dueled for a nice 51' MkI Target T-514 as a start for my Ruger collection. However, I just scored a 1950 RST4 (#3560) that appears to be in great shape and looks Exactly like Chuck's 0657 Standard! :D

Should receive this upcoming 2nd week in February (pics coming). Only apparent issue appears to be that the original Ruger rubber A-54 left grip panel is missing it's "Recessed Red Eagle Emblem". I've been searching the net, but no luck. I know they are rare, but thought with the Ruger expertise, experience and dedication found here on the ROCS, I could be directed to a possible "one for sale"?!? Actually, I just need the original early years EMBLEM (no grips). Even a worn emblem (little to no eagle red paint) with the centered Eagle situated below the outer silver perimeter could work great (I'll just fill in the ??Red?? paint scheme)! ;)

Any and all assistance (via PM) will be Greatly Appreciated for this Newbie collector! :mrgreen:


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