Mixmaster MKII and MKIII values Part 2

Includes .22 Standard, Mark I, Mark II, Mark III and all Centerfire Semi-Auto Pistols.
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Mixmaster MKII and MKIII values Part 2

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2. Mark II frame that I reconditioned and Cerakoted. Standard Ruger trugger. Target Model 22/45MKIII barrel and receiver assy (s/n 270-300xx). Receiver says MKIII Hunter, bolt is blue, drilled and tapped, barrel is 5 1/2" and fluted, Red FO front sight and Target rear sight. Hogue grips on frame and will include the standard grips.

Both guns shoot fine, only shot about 10 rounds through each to make sure the functioned correctly.

Just don't know where to start the selling price.
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