Cylinder bound up

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Cylinder bound up

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I took my NMBH .45lc out to fire today using my father in law's reloads. The very 1st round did not fire and now the cylinder will not turn and I am unable to extract it from the frame. The rod pulled free of cylinder and there is small movement to rotate out with the gate open but it will not come free. I can't see it well but possibly the primer backed out of the case??? Anyone have any experience on how to get cylinder out with this type scenario?
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Re: Cylinder bound up

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Using a wood dowel and a mallet, tap the bullet back inside the case. It should not require a great deal of movement. Cylinder should then remove normally. With necessary differences in procedure, this has worked for me when a bullet lodged in the forcing cone of a double-action Smith & Wesson. HTH. Sincerely. bruce.
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