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Re: 256 WIN MAG

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You can also get a contender barrel in .256 wm, or like me make a #3 in 256 win mag... and if you are really into pairing up combo guns, get a marlin model 62 levermatic in .30 carbine to go with your blackhawk .30... I am a .41 nut so I have a Marlin .41 mag lever gun to go with my .41s... and recently found a nib Interarms Virginian Dragoon in .41 mag with 12" barrel... and I finally broke down and sent a 44 carbine shooter to Mitch Shultz to have it rebarrelled in .41 mag - bet that will be first of it's kind...

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Re: 256 WIN MAG

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contender wrote:
Wed Sep 16, 2020 7:19 pm
"Tyrone I bet you would sell your shoes for one!!! Hope to see you in Ohio in 2021"

Jay,, forming brass for the .256 Win is a bit more work than some calibers. You start with .357 Mag brass.
First,, it's BEST if you have a set of proper form dies. The better ones are the 2 die sets. C-H & Redding sell them. (Ain't cheap.) But careful shopping & all, can have a set appear for a good price.
Some folks just try & use their normal reloading dies,, and all. I found it actually destroys too many cases to get some good ones.

Next,, the way to extend the case life is to anneal the case mouths after forming.
I built an annealer just for them.

Then once made,, you can use normal .256 dies to reload the converted brass. Always measure them after the .256 sizer work is done. Trim if necessary.

At $20-$25 a box for the 60 grn Hornady bullets,, it's a fair buy. I'd buy them for that.
Very cool thanks for the reply. Wish we were neighbors, I would love to see your set up! 8-)
I have a couple hundred factory brass and the dies, so I bought the Hornady boolits I mentioned off of GB.
Looking forward to making smoke & noise and then doing some reloading!!

I do not "own" these guns, I am but the next caretaker

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