RIP Bill E. "the appleman"

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RIP Bill E. "the appleman"

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wanted to let some of the "older" members here of the passing this past week of our long time friend Bill E., the "appleman", and Ruger 'dealer' here in NE OHio,,,,he collected .44 mag OM S-47 and even displayed a few times locally, at the Goodman shows, and did make one trip out too Tulsa for the Ruger show many years ago....Bill was 81 years old, and passed away at home.
Thank you 44flatop for "reminding" me as even we found out of it "after" the fact and just barely made the interment Monday AM.....BIll is with Don W, Pat W, Bob C., Rich M., and so many other that have gone to the Big Gunshow in the Sky.......... :(

May they ALL rest in Peace.....

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Re: RIP Bill E. "the appleman"

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Bill was really a great guy. I sold him a few good Supers a few years back. It is sad that he passed.

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Re: RIP Bill E. "the appleman"

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I remember Bill well and our conversations about his beloved apple orchard. He was a soft spoken, but very intelligent man.
We will miss him and all the Rugers that he had to offer, both "new" and "old". RIP Bill. Brass Frame/Lee E

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Re: RIP Bill E. "the appleman"

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Thanks for the information Dan! I had not seen Bill in years but remember him as a kind man. He loved his Rugers and his apples! RIP Bill.

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